We have started!

CJLO has just received a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada! We are looking for independent Montreal based bands who are interested in working with CJLO for recording and promoting (including on the air during CJLO broadcasts). We are searching for independent bands and artists of any musical genre who would otherwise not have the means to promote and record. For interested artists, CJLO will record an EP with you for free, as well as promote the recorded material. The finished product would become the property of the artist although CJLO ask to be credited for the actual recording and mastering work done, CJLO would keep certain selected tracks to be included on a compilation release once the project is finished. The projected duration of the project is until August 2013 and It is our hope that we could release a compilation and hold a showcase show after the project is complete!

If you are an up and coming artist looking for help promoting and recording than please get in touch, we want to work with you! an application for interested parties will be up soon!

contact the Head Producer (Marshall Vailliancort) and Artist Liaison (Serge Del Grosso) for more info at: marshallvaillancourt@gmail.com and/or samd415@gmail.com


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